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"Surrogacy was by far the most amazing thing i have done in life (besides my own children of cause). Being able to bring so much joy to the lives of others is such a blessing and i plan to not waste that. 
The look on the dads faces as their son came into the world is just priceless. Nothing will be able to compare to this moment for them.

To Christian and Juan
Thank you so much for allowing me to be on this wonderful journey with you. I love you both so much and am just so honored to be the one to give you your little man. You are both incredible fathers and i look forward to watching you all grow as a family together.

To Anxo,
Aunty Cass is so sorry she ruined you only sibling Status. However soon you will thank me for it. With every day that goes by you are loving your little brother more and more and growing into the best big brother. Love you special boy

To my sweet little Atlas
Words will never express how much your Aunty Cass loves you. It took a great team effort to bring you into this world and i want you to know that each and every person involved fought hard for you. You have the most amazing daddies who will always love you and be there for you as will I and your Uncle Mick. 
I love you so much my special little passenger, This is your story, and your song.

feel free to share to creat awerness about surrogacy"

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El reconocimiento de las familias formadas por gestación subrogada avanza imparable por Europa!

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